Hello! On this page you can view the various spiritual services I offer. Feel free to comment or send me an e-mail at tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com for any questions!

I offer the following services: divination, consultations and how-to guides. All prices are in USD. All services are offered through e-mail correspondence only.

Note that I am able to offer secular services as well, such as academic research and article writing. If you wish to hire me for such services, send me an e-mail and we can discuss the details.

Information on the Services

Divination readings can be performed for any kind of question. The bonus pendulum readings verify the accuracy of the card readings.

Consultations involve careful explanations, advice, tips and information regarding any spiritual or religious matter. The Hellenic religion and magic are my fields of expertise, although I can help you with a great variety of paths and systems. Advanced consultations are restricted to my fields of expertise in order to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the consultation. The "specific examples" mentioned in place of "tips and pointers" are small guides or outlines for all sorts of subjects (e.g. rituals) tailored to your needs. All consultations also include divination readings to gain more spherical understanding of your situation/problem.

How-to guides are step-by-step plans in the form of simple lessons on any of the following fields: Hellenic polytheism, Witchcraft, folk magic, Neopagan (Neo-Wiccan) practice and basic spirit-work (a.k.a. interaction with spirits).

Divination Services 

Card Readings are performed with either Deste (Greek Oracle Deck) or the WildWood Tarot. You can choose with which one you would prefer me to do the readings.

Basic reading: 10$
Intermediate reading: 20$
Advanced reading: 30$

The type of the readings refers to their size (number of cards), complexity and type of question. For example, an advanced reading is suited for complicated and difficult questions while a basic reading is best for simpler insight on a specific situation. One question (i.e. subject to be divined) per reading.

You can add a pendulum reading as a bonus confirmation of accuracy for any card readings with an additional fee of $3. Example: basic reading (10$) + pendulum reading (3$) = final reading cost (13$).


Basic Consultation: introductory information, simple advice, simple tips and pointers, basic card reading (3 or 5 cards - including interpretation). 25$

Intermediate Consultation: specialised information, in-depth advice, additional tips and pointers, intermediate card reading (7, 9 or 10 cards - including interpretation). 35$

Advanced Consultation: advanced information, complex advice, specific examples, advanced reading (12 or 20+ cards - including interpretation). 55$ (For Hellenic or magical matters ONLY.)

You can add a how-to guide to any of the consultations:

Basic consultation how-to guide: +5$
Intermediate consultation how-to guide: +7$
Advanced consultation how-to guide: +10$

Example: Intermediate consultation (25$) + how-to guide (7$) = final consultation cost (32$)

How-to Guides

Basic How-to Guide: 10$
Intermediate How-to Guide: 15$
Advanced How-to Guide: 20$

Payment Information

ALL payments will be submitted via Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to send payments.
ALL payments must be sent to tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com. Substitute [at] with '@' and [dot] with '.' . The e-mail address is written like that to prevent spambots. You can use this page to send a payment.

The process for booking a service is the following:

1. E-mail me at tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com and tell me which service(s) you'd like to purchase.

2. Once the service(s) has been decided, we will discuss the goal of the service(s), I will inform you of the exact, final costs (NO hidden fees) and I will begin preparations.

3. I will inform you via e-mail once my preparations are complete. When you receive this e-mail, you must send the payment (final cost) for the service(s) to my Paypal account (send a payment at tailmon12[at]yahoo[dot]com). You do NOT need a Paypal account to do this.

4. Once I receive the payment, I will e-mail you everything (e.g. the reading and its interpretation, the full content of the consultation such as answers to spiritual questions, the how-to guide etc).


1. You e-mail me and ask for an intermediate reading with the WildWood Tarot deck, plus a pendulum reading for confirmation, and an intermediate how-to guide for a NeoPagan Full Moon ritual.

2. I will inform you of the final cost of these services (20+3+12=35$). You can now tell me the question or questions (up to three) for the divination reading and any ideas or other things you might want in the ritual.

3. I will perform the readings and create the how-to guide. Once I'm done, I will e-mail you to let you know. At this point, you must send the full payment (35$) to my Paypal account via the e-mail address provided. You do NOT need a Paypal account to do this.

4. Once I receive the payment, I will e-mail you. Said e-mail will contain the layout of the card reading, its interpretation, the result of the pendulum reading as well as the full, step-by-step how-to guide.

It is possible to give me half of the payment upfront and the rest of it once you receive the services. This MUST be discussed and decided beforehand. If you do not explicitly state you wish to do this, the process will be the same as already described (thus the full payment will have to be submitted before I can send you any reading results and information).

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